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JaRic Records is a Los Angeles based independent record  label with offices and a studio also in Nashville.   JaRic Artists  specialize in six (6) main Genres including Jazz/Standards, Country,  Rick/Blues, World, Latin and Pop. With over 3 million copies and  download purchases,  distributed to over 2500 major retail outlets,  expected to be sold in 2019-2020, JaRic is proudly growing into a top  industry independent label. Working with the Music and Wellness program  PLAY MUSIC ENJOY LIFE!, JaRic plans release a Celebrity Holiday Album in  2019 to benefit Cancer Survivors, Alzheimer’s patients and their  caregivers and those rebuilding from the devastating effects of natural  disasters all across the USA, and will feature many of the current JaRic  Artist roster along with additional tracks by some of the best known  music Celebrities in the world. Our Artists have 7 new albums slated for  2019-2020. Stay tuned!

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